Salmon Fishing

Your Fraser Valley salmon fishing experience will be something that you will dream about for years to come. We have 5 species to fish for starting in May with red Chinook and running right up to mid November for Chum and Coho.


Starting in May the early runs are smaller, 12 to 18 pounds, yet very feisty. They are usually going the full distance of the river, travelling 600 to 800 miles to reach their home rivers to spawn. Usually targeting these fish in the cleaner waters of rivers that run into the Fraser, making for a cleansing area for the fish to wash silt from their gills, as The Fraser is in spring melt by that time.

Next are the summer run fish , going from late June right up to the end of August, these fish are averaging about 18 to 30 pounds , some getting up to 40 and 50 pound range… the river is still up in June and July and can make for some reel screaming action… fishing from shore and the guide tells you to get in the boat… get the in the boat quickly, because in less than a minute your line could be heading down river behind a 40 pounder !!!


These spunky guys can give you a whole lot of fun on a hot day in August! They range from 4 to 12 pounds, giving a great fight on a ten to fifteen pound line. Also easily taken by flies but mainly bottom-bouncing.

In high cycle years, you will see fish caught almost every cast.


Pinks have become more plentiful in the last few years. They only spawn in this area in the odd years (2007, 2009, etc). When they do spawn here, they come in September in large numbers and are easily taken on most baits and lures… the more pink, the better!


These are a plentiful fish and usually strong and stubborn, liking to hug the bottom and power around. They can be caught easily on most presentations.

We have seen days recently that will test the endurance of even the steadfast of fishers…30 to 40 fish each per day!!!

They enter the rivers in the fall and are at their heaviest concentrations around October/November, reaching up to 20 pounds!


These are the prized of all sport fish as far as salmon goes, very powerfull and sly… they arrive in late September and run to the end of October… depending on the river system. Numbers have been struggling over the past few years, so when you get one it is a great feeling. Hatchery retention only. Can be taken on flies and spoons mainly.

Come Fish with us this year, in what is shaping up to be a GREAT year once again.

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