Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead Spectacular Steelhead, these fish have gained the respect of many great fishers, with weights getting up to 25 pounds.This is one fish to be reckoned with! Steelhead fishing is available December to May, with the best fishing available from February to April. 

Steelhead fishing is an adventure in itself. Steelhead are infamous for explosive takes and incredible leaps and runs, they will test all that you have. When you do land one, the sheer colour and beauty make all the effort even more gratifying. Main gear we use for these fish are float fishing with roe, woolties, shrimp, plastic worms, jigs and colorado blades.

Many fishers are going to fly-fishing and often spey gear to target these fish in March and April, once fry start to hatch.

Only hatchery fish are to be retained, as stocks of wild steelhead are struggling, but making a good recovery. Some features you can identify them with are the white mouth and gums, black spots on the entire tail and back and the tail itself is a square shape.

We follow all ……proper handling techniques

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